We have created the greatest miscellaneous
metal add-ons for BIM software!

  • Our xTStair app provides designers and detailers with all of the tools they need to model stairs quickly and easily.

    We offer a free 30 day trial because we know that you will be convinced once you have experienced this app!

    xTStair can be downloaded through the Tekla Warehouse and our app store.

  • The xTDeckJoint app was designed to easily and intuitively create joints in roadway decks (eg strip seals).

    Download your free 30 day trial today from our app store to see what the fuss is all about!

  • xTEmbed is our latest and greatest app – This app will revolutionize how you model miscellaneous parts.

    Although the name suggests Embeds, this plugin works for many types of parts - including but not limited to edge angles, door jambs and pour stops. We have illustrated many more examples in the intro video below!

    Free 30 day trials are available through our app store or the Tekla Warehouse.

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